It can be scary to have someone you love face something so painful inside – especially when you’re unsure how or whether any lasting healing will actually happen. We know how that feels from our own relationships and dear ones.

That’s another big motivation of ours for starting this community – so you don’t feel so alone. Lots of families are hurting.

But many families are also finding new hope. And we think you can too.

We hope the resources we’ve gathered can be encouraging, from classes and books to support for specific challenges.  And that’s why we’re providing  additional insight and resources on our blog and audio support in our sustainable healing podcast.

And as a way to help you find more of a refreshing and replenishing atmosphere in your own home, we make a priority of exploring tools for creating an atmosphere of compassion, open communication, retreat and sanctuary in your own home.

If you’d like to discuss any  of this more directly or explore ways to get more involved, send us an email ( (Hablamos Español).

Above all:  Don’t give up hope in deeper, more lasting healing for your loved one.  They need to see that hope in your eyes.   

And you need that hope too.