The pain of significant mental/emotional distress – from depression and anxiety to many other conditions – is real and often serious. And when we’re hurting bad enough, it’s understandable we want to find something – anything – to feel better.

Doing what we need to get the immediate support and relief we need is important. In addition to that, there are many other things we can do to move in the direction of longer-term healing – including many low-cost offerings and free supports that have very little public awareness. That’s why we’ve tried to gather some of the resources online or in other widely accessible forms (books, etc.) that we’ve found especially helpful in supporting deeper, longer-term healing. While there are many wonderful resources for general healing available as well, we’ve focused our attention on these areas below where the need seems particularly high, and public awareness of these options remains relatively low.

As a reminder: Whatever has helped you so far – keep it up! The resources below are intended as additional complementary support to help you find even deeper, more lasting healing than you’ve found in your life to this point. 

Especially during difficult situations, it’s easy for families to forget the powerful influence they can have – even right in their own homes.

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Create Sanctuary

If it’s currently difficult to reach in-person groups and you are looking for additional community support, remember you can join any of our online council meetings happening regularly.

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Get Support

In all these efforts, our ultimate hope is to help reinforce individual growth, learning and capacity, in people’s own lives and families.

Click here to learn more about online guides to the variety of adjustments you can make to promote more healing in your life – or that of someone you love.

Grow Stronger