Who among us hasn’t faced challenges in our closest relationships?  When in the midst of the everyday complexities of life it is easy to overlook those who share our home and hearts.  We know how these sometimes complicated dynamics can affect our mental and emotional health and wellbeing and our hope, as a CSH Community, would be to provide support and encouragement for those of us who are currently working through these intimate relationship challenges.  Whether you are currently married, divorced, widowed, partnered or even single, hoping for a deeply committed relationship in the future, we believe there will be something of value here for you.  Please check out the resources we have gathered starting with the video “Broken Together.” Although this represents a married couple we believe the emotions portrayed here are universally understood as present in all of our intimate relationships. We know that healing is possible. We have experienced it ourselves and have confidence that you can too.

To get started, watch this video: Broken Together

Then consider some of our favorite books below: