If you’re happy or excited about what we’re doing, we’d be happy and excited to have you get involved! We depend on person power and generous donors to keep us rolling. Here are a few specific ways we could benefit from your support:

Our Educational Work

Click here to learn more specifically how we’ve used funds so far, and what projects we’re hoping to finalize in 2020.  Any support, however modest, is hugely appreciated.

Support a
Research Initiative

There are a variety of research initiatives we hope to complete in 2020 – especially our suicide risk factor and best practice review projects. Review what we’re proposing over the next year and see if you’d be interested or able to support in some way.

If you have found more lasting healing in your life and would like to find ways to help others do the same, or if you are feeling stuck and need the help of a supportive community as you search for “the next right step,” consider joining one of of our weekly councils.  These meetings are a safe please to come and learn more, find encouragement and connect with others also seeking deeper healing.  If you feel good about the approach we’re taking, there are many ways you can be involved in the year ahead.

No matter where you find yourself today, your unfolding story and experience matter and can make a big difference. Whether you are an individual or family on your own healing journey, or a professional looking for ways to better support those you serve, we’d love for you to join us.

Sometimes the best thing in the world during a scary situation is to have someone else close – even if it’s just another person – who’s been there before, and knows how this kind of a challenge can resolve positively from his or her own experience. Research on mentoring has shown that even just one person can have a disproportionate influence in the life of someone else in a difficult situation. Click here to read more about how you can become part of our mentoring network to offer your own encouragement to someone else – or get connected with one of our mentors who has found more lasting healing from mental health or behavioral challenges.