Our mission is to support people in their own homes, wherever they live, with a variety of meaningful online resources that encourage deeper, more lasting healing from physical, emotional and trauma-related challenges – even serious ones.

We’re not a movement.
Or an advocacy organization.
Or a big company.

We’re a council, a community – a gathering of people from varied backgrounds working together to better support those seeking deeper, more lasting healing. Currently, our efforts focus on three main areas:

1. Convening online community councils for fresh inspiration

We can only “see what we can see.” So, why not consider what others see too? Along with expert guidance, we’ve found life-changing insight in gathering with others on their own healing journey to share strength, hope and personal experience.

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2. Encouraging and
supporting families at home.

We know how scary it can be to witness deteriorating emotional health in someone we love. We’ll share ways we’ve found to support a loved one wherever they are, while still gently encouraging their own journey towards deeper, more lasting healing.

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3. Drawing attention to
promising resources

So many helpful and hopeful resources are available. But so few people seem to know about them!  That’s why we’ve gathered many of the resources we can find that aim specifically at deeper, more lasting healing, to make sure people have them at their fingertips. 

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Our three priority focuses are:


facing depression, anxiety and other emotional unrest, and not fully satisfied with the extent of their own healing or simply wishing to enhance an existing program.

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whose loved ones are hurting and who want to know more of what they can do to encourage more healing.

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who are seeking additional tools and approaches to catalyze deeper, more lasting healing for their patients and clients.

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