The Council for Sustainable Healing is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization with a broad-cross section of peer, family and professional support. We are a community of people of diverse ages and many different backgrounds drawn to the possibility of deeper, more lasting healing in our lives – and in the lives of those we love and serve. Some of us have personal experience facing significant, even serious physical/emotional struggles of our own. Almost all of us have loved ones who have – now or in the past – grappled with these same emotional/social struggles and some of us work professionally to assist those seeking this kind of deeper healing.  Active participants in CSH include homemakers, teachers, tradesman, students, retiree’s, counselors, psychologists, entertainers, accountants, therapists, social workers and just about anything else you can think of. We are grateful for the inclusion of both medical and holistic practitioners – ranging from board-certified psychiatrists and MD’s to naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and wellness professionals of various kinds (exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, body work, etc.)

Although we are united in our interest in exploring what it takes to reach deeper more sustainable healing, we don’t necessarily all choose the same approach to pursuing this healing. Our ranks include individuals, families and professionals who have found conventional medical treatment to be valuable in their healing journey, while others have found limitations in this approach. Some have found functional and complementary pathways to be of assistance in healing, while others remain skeptical of these therapeutic methods.  While many of us have found spirituality to be invaluable in the healing journey, some of us aren’t as interested in spiritual processes.

Outside of the shared desire for deeper healing, then, no one philosophical, political or religious belief system unites us all.  Our single, common purpose is to find deeper, more lasting healing – and to foster respectful conversations and supportive environments that make this more likely.  Our experience has been that where there is space for individual stories to be shared openly and freely, more learning becomes possible for all of us. We believe that encouraging respectful conversations of this nature will help us discover more innovative healing tools, methods and ideas that lead to a life of health and wellness.  

There are no dues or membership fees required to participate in our organization. In order to keep the focus on the central message of the Council for Sustainable Healing (and avoid unnecessary divisions that come with other labels or distinctions), we have chosen to prioritize anonymity as an important part of our work together.  Although we point to many available resources on our website, The Council For Sustainable Healing as an organization is not directly affiliated with any outside organization or entity. This helps keep our focus on the work itself, and avoid unnecessary distractions that come with concerns of money, property or prestige (for more details about how all this works in practice, check out our FAQ document here). We hope you find the resources listed here valuable in their application and would love to have you join us in our weekly Council Meetings.

If you’d like to learn more or ask any questions about our work, you’re welcome to email us at sustainablyheal@gmail.com or call us at (1) 385-343-9696 (Hablamos Español)