It can be overwhelming, to say the least, when you go out trying to find good information and guidance, perhaps especially in matters of emotional health. With so many claims out there of interventions being “effective,” far less attention has gone to what does it mean to be effective.

Whereas the general public assumes “effective” means long-term positive outcomes, much of the research generated on popular interventions has not assumed that at all – instead focusing largely on the short-term: 3-6 weeks (or 3 months max).  All of this gets presented in marketing campaigns as “effective” with no differentiation on the time-frame (see this more in-depth analysis from one of our council members).

All this explains why we’ve worked so hard to gather many of the resources and sources that we’ve found specifically helpful in leading someone to longer-term (lasting, deeper, sustainable) healing from a variety of mental health and behavioral struggles.

If that’s the question you’re wondering about, as you’ll soon find out, there’s so much good stuff out there.  See for yourself – and enjoy!

Sustainable Healing Podcast

A regularly scheduled and freely available discussion exploring the journey towards deeper, more lasting healing from mental/emotional  health and addiction struggles.

Sustainable Healing Classes

Some of the best courses we’ve found (especially online options) that effectively walk people along in the process of finding deeper, more lasting healing. Many of these are free ,and all are low-cost! 

Sustainable Healing Books

Books we have found that not only encourage or promote deeper, more lasting healing from mental health or behavioral struggles, but also provide specific examples or concrete guidance in how to find it.

Sustainable Healing Blog

A place to stay updated on news, outreach and other interesting conversations in the emerging movement to promote more lasting healing from mental/emotional health and behavioral challenges.

Sustainable Healing Councils

A series of open, facilitated conversations between individuals, family members and health practitioners seeking greater insight and support in the process of discovering deeper, more lasting healing.

Sustainable Healing Retreat

Finding more retreat and sanctuary used to be a common, even ancient part of seeking healing. How can we build that into our own lives, homes and families? Exploring how to do just that is a big priority and focus.