Here are some sample testimonials from Lift participants: 

  • As I review the app, I had this tremendous feeling of hope wash over me. It’s powerful. I like how it presents new ideas about different contributors to depression and anxiety, while emphasizing that we are discovering new stuff every day. But even now, there are things you can do about it!! And there is hope!
  • This is a lifeline. I love your short training discussions. They’re concise gems of hope, help, understanding, and knowledge. They can be processed easily and quickly. As I listened to a discussion, I was excited to listen to one or two others to see what I would learn.
  • Anxiety and depression are so isolating!! The Lift training is very validating to me – describing what I have felt facing this. I kept thinking, ‘This is my experience! This is what I felt and still feel at times. Someone understands.
  • I started using the Lift app recently, and it’s been the most useful so far for my mental health….Other anxiety apps I tried weren’t as helpful for me because they didn’t have teaching portions or a stronger sense of continuous growth. I really like the recovery lessons – they’re thorough and effective.
  • Lift is the first app that has really engaged me and is a valuable tool in my arsenal. It’s user friendly and in particular, the tracker helps me the most. It’s a good motivator, as well as a tool to reflect on what happens and when to help prevent my anxiety or depression.