Rather than just sharing testimonials, we’ve analyzed all reports we can find from Nedley participants to share with you the key themes we’ve found that pertain to deeper, more sustainable healing. Four themes stood out: 

1. Fresh learning: I took away things I never knew before about depression recovery.

  • This class is incredible. I’ve suffered several bouts of depression after babies, and situational depression. My teens also struggled with it. I haven’t known exactly how to help them. I knew the basics: go outside, exercise, scriptures, and eat healthy, but this class elaborates so much beyond that and also gives you the why and how.
  • The class was exceptional. I now feel very educated about all the ins and outs of depression and most importantly, how to help myself fully recover from it.

2. Surprising recovery: I made some measurable progress I didn’t imagine was possible.  

  • I am 2 months of the recommended 5 months through the program and have already decreased the weight of my challenges by one-third and expect a full recovery as I finish the program.
  • This course is life-changing. I pray with gratitude for the increased light and knowledge provided here… Not only does this information help depression and anxiety but it helps me be more healthy overall. It is amazing more doctors do not shout this from the rooftops.
  • After struggling with OCD and depression for 9 years this has been an amazing tool, stepping stone and an answer to prayer! After 9 weeks of learning, I am more myself and am learning a healthier way to live and think.
  • I didn’t think I was depressed going into the course, and I still came out feeling better than I had in years — better cognitive skills, better affect, better focus!
  • Most people seem to think you have to suffer a lifetime. I like his belief that we aren’t limited by what was or even is, but we have the potential to change our very natures through our choices and actions and God’s help. That is awesome. That’s what I believe.

3. Concrete tools: Gave me simple, practical things I could actually do to help feel better. 

  • This class and the way it was presented with practical “how-tos” after each presentation was just what I needed at a critical point in my life.
  • Dr. Nedley not only has addressed the issues that cause depression symptoms, but how to overcome them.
  • It has also opened a good discussion with my son, who has had a really difficult year. He confided in me after the first class that he had considered suicide. This program has given us tools, hope, and direction as we have worked to help him feel more happiness and hope. It has opened my eyes to constructive ways to manage negative feelings.
  • This is an amazing program that teaches simple skills that make a big difference!
  • I am so thankful for the Nedley recovery program! I must tell at least one person every week of how enlightening it was to learn what causes depression and how we can overcome the effects. You have changed my life! Whenever I feel as though I am sinking back into depression, I remember the things I can do to lift myself back up.
  • I have battled depression since my first child was born. …The Nedley Course was offered in my neighborhood, and I made a commitment to myself to attend. I really enjoyed the everyday little steps that help in feeling well. I worked really hard to do as many things as I could. 3 years later, I’m still taking my new anti-depressant — flax seed! As long as I get a large scoop every day, I think better and can function close to the spontaneous, bright person I was when I was a teenager. I still try to soak up sun, breath deep and drink lots of water, but the major contributor to my mental health was, and is the flax. Thank you for trying to help save as many as possible from the “desperation of isolation.” I know this program can work for those who are ready to make a change.
  • I am so grateful to have the tools from Dr. Nedley’s program that I know I can call on to help us to face the future.

4. Whole life benefits: More than just depression recovery, this helped me improve my broader life.

  • The week by week classes are wonderful and help make the course manageable and life changing. It focused on all aspects of life- helping me find a total balance. I am again becoming the person that I forgot I had been… and its good to have that person back! It has been work-but it is worth every second!
  • The Depression Recovery Seminar is so comprehensive! It doesn’t just involve the brain, “the mind” or the moods—it addresses the whole body—the mind, body, and spirit of the person…You can live your life to the fullest! You don’t have to be a prisoner. This is really a program for life—not just for depression recovery.