A Perfect Brightness of Hope

A podcast of the Council for Sustainable Healing

We’ve launched a regularly scheduled podcast which will be a part of our continuing outreach efforts. This podcast, hosted by Dr. Jacob Hess, a founding member of CSH, will explore, in personal terms, the different ways we make sense of emotional pain – and consider options in how to respond to it.  Patterns in the lives of those who have found lasting healing will also be shared.  In this way, we will share conversations we think will be helpful and encouraging to individuals and families on this journey to more sustainable healing. This podcast will include a “Long-term/Short-term” segment comparing the results of outcome studies for different treatment approaches looking both short-term and long beyond that. As with all of our outreach and educational efforts we would encourage you to take from these podcasts what resonates with you and leave the rest.

The first episode is up! Tomorrow Doesn’t Have to Be the Same as Today (  More coming soon.