For thousands of years, people who were sick and overwhelmed “went away to the country” to find healing.

Countryside in Cheshire England

In the early 18th Century, the Quakers in York began also experimenting with intentional, nourishing, uplifting retreat as a support for those with serious mental and emotional challenges. The result?

People began to experience, glimpse and “taste” for themselves a gentle, reliable path to healing for themselves – and many were able to return to their normal lives and find that healing deepen and sustain over time. We believe it’s time to return to the retreat tradition as a crucial support for those facing depression, anxiety and other mental/emotional challenges.

Our primary way of encouraging this is by providing easily accessible individual and family resources on our CSH forums.  We also highly encourage those interested in learning how to  create sanctuaries of healing in their own life, homes and families to please consider joining with us in our regularly scheduled Wednesday and Saturday Council meetings.  In these gatherings we share and discuss tried and true principles of creating an atmosphere of sanctuary, compassion and healing in our own lives and in the lives of those we love.  We believe every home and family – no matter how impossible it may seem – has this potential and we would love to share with you how this has worked for us.

As a way to learn more about what families need and help “jump-start” individuals or families who want to join others in expediting their healing, we are soliciting interest for some 2020 retreats in Utah where our general offices are located. We currently have a few Retreat Settings with more coming in the future.


  • Paradise, Utah (Cache County)
  • Bountiful, Utah (Davis County)
  • American Fork, Utah (Utah Valley)
  • Layton, Utah (Davis County)

We are considering retreats ranging from evening, morning and daylong events (without overnight stays), to those which would include a one to two night stay. There would be no up-front cost for taking advantage of these retreat options – however participants are invited to donate afterwards if the experience has been beneficial in their healing journey. To indicate interest and receive more information please feel free to contact us at or call (1) 385-343-9696