In the 19th Century, a Quaker religious community in York, England tried an experiment to help loved ones ailing emotionally.  What would happen if we take these, our brethren and sisters who are hurting, and surround them with soft music, uplifting reading, good food, warm company and beautiful gardens?    

The Retreat by George Isaac Sidebottom, a patient at the York Retreat, Photograph: Borthwick Institute for Archives

The answer surprised them:  people started to get better – really better.  The outcomes of these ancient experiments remain some of the most encouraging ever to be documented in the treatment of serious mental/emotional conditions. We believe it’s time for these to become more than ancient experiments!  

A central focus of the Council for Sustainable Healing is helping all of our families implement this kind of atmosphere in our own homes – seeing what it could mean for our many loved ones seeking greater healing. There are many reasons and a strong scientific basis in the current medical literature) to believe this could make a tremendous difference in deepening people’s healing. To learn more about our efforts to help families do just that, click here.