You really won’t! Our experience has been that relatively few facing mental or emotional challenges are aware of the full range of supports available to them. We’d like to change that.

In fact, if there’s only one thing we could do, it might just be that.  Why?

Because, there are options. And when you’re aware of those, you have something else:  choices. And your own intuition and a deep sense of what is right can lead you on from there.

Without options, however, it can feel like there are little to no choices available…which can contribute to the feeling of being stuck, forced, driven – and yes, all the more despairing and anxious.

That’s why we believe providing a more complete picture of the wide range of support available is a crucial part of promoting basic hope, not to mention lasting healing and recovery. To get started, you can review an array of educational options here and some of the direct support options we have found most helpful here.