Q: How does someone become a member of the Council for Sustainable Healing?

A: The only requirement for participation is the desire to find deeper, more lasting healing for yourself – or for someone you love or work with.  

There are no dues or fees for participation in our community. We do, however, solicit donations in order to cover group expenses and staff our Central Office. We are also hoping for financial support to sustain select research and educational efforts we believe hold a special potential to help expand sustainable healing to many more people.

As we acknowledge elsewhere, we as a community understand that there will be many differing opinions and perspectives concerning outside issues. Within the CSH Community there are pronounced differences politically, socially, religiously, medically and in terms of the best healing methods and practices. What we believe is common to us all is the pursuit of deeper, more lasting healing personally and the hope to spread this central message to others searching for the same. (We also agree on certain principles, patterns and processes that, generally speaking, lead to deeper more lasting healing).  

We strive to keep our focus on the mission of CSH: To support people in their own homes, wherever they live, with a variety of meaningful resources that encourage deeper, more lasting healing from mental, emotional and trauma-related problems – even serious ones.

Q: What does it mean to participate in the CSH Community?

A:  As a member of our community, you are welcome to participate in any of our online councils and share your story there (and in other ways). These meetings are a way for our community to gather and support one another as we share personal experience, listen to one another and discuss ways in which we can help more people find more healing.  Meetings are held weekly on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. You can remain as anonymous as you wish in the Zoom conferencing format. 

You’re also welcome to invite social media friends and family to join our Council for Sustainable Healing Facebook Group. Here you will be able to stay easily connected to what’s happening in our CSH Community as well as share your current thoughts and experiences as they are unfolding.

These online efforts, however, are primarily designed to encourage and support you in your own relationships, neighborhood, and home. That is where the primary work of our CSH community happens. As you take additional steps to deepen healing in your own life, then, we also encourage you to share with others around you whatever hope and helpful resources you are finding. 

Participants in our community are welcome to put the following in the signature line of their email too, if they wish: Member, The Council for Sustainable Healing 

Q: Where does your funding come from and how were these efforts financed?

A: The creation of this platform has been a huge endeavor and obviously included the help of trained professionals in the video production, website design and organization of the CSH website and it’s content. 

In the preceding years, there were those among us who invested and donated many years of time to creating a variety of resources that could be accessed by a wide audience without barriers of geography or financial means. This involved many thousands of unpaid hours and the invaluable support of both generous donors and investors, including from an earlier non-profit called All of Life that Thomas McConkie and Jacob Hess started.  Others in our community have spent a lifetime in the trenches doing this healing work ourselves and accompanying others along the way. We feel that these hours have been well spent as we are now in a place to focus on giving back. 

At the beginning of 2019, sensing the value of bringing all of this together in one place, the original Co-Founders of our organization chose to approach an investor who agreed to help us with the financial resources to create, design and bring to completion the CSH website. 

To learn more about additional priorities we are proposing for funds in the new year, click here and here . If you have further questions or interest in supporting this work in any way, we welcome your inquiry (sustainablyheal@gmail.com & 1-385-343-9696)

A portion of donations received will be used to compensate our two C0-Founders Dr. Jacob Z. Hess and “Grandma Shauna May”  at a modest wage in the following positions: 

  • Shauna May currently acts as office manager fielding calls, answering questions, keeping all social media platforms active/current, co-facilitating community council meetings and coordinating our outreach efforts. 
  • Dr. Jacob Z. Hess acts as coordinator for the educational and research aspects of the Council work, co-facilitating council meetings and representing CSH in public engagements.  

Q: You’ve encouraged anonymity as a part of your community interactions.  Why?  

A: Everyone who participates in the Community Council meetings (including those who serve as Facilitators) identify as they feel comfortable. That can include opting out of sharing someone’s last name at all, something that we’ve found can help us stay focused on the work and message. No single person speaks publicly for CSH as an organization, although some members have volunteered to serve in various capacities important to our community, educational and outreach efforts.

Once again, we’ve found these kind of anonymity ideals helpful in keeping us focused on the message – and avoid distractions from individual personalities and agendas.  The individual choices of Community Council participants, whether to disclose their personal information and/or participate in the CSH organization itself, are based on their own discretion. CSH is not responsible for guarding the anonymity of individuals who choose to share their own personal information while participating in our forums.

Q: How do members of your community balance personal and professional pursuits with their participation in the volunteer work of the Council for Sustainable Healing?

A: Our CSH members are collectively involved in many different and specific efforts to try and support anyone who is seeking deeper healing from the challenges that affect us all. We do this in both professional and voluntary capacities.

Many of these efforts are included as resources on the CSH website, based on our determination that these tools can help those who choose to apply them reach deeper, more lasting healing.  Although we highlight resources and key information we have judged to be especially meaningful in promoting deeper, more lasting healing, we work to avoid language that overly favors one resource or another and we make every attempt to present potential benefits in descriptive, plain language that reflects our honest observations about what helps people find more lasting healing, apart from any other agenda. That means CSH as an organization does not directly support or formally affiliate with any outside organizations or entities. Nor is CSH a platform for pushing any one intervention effort but rather a community dedicated to our common purpose of seeking deeper healing.

While many individual members remain passionate about promoting individual, private and professional endeavors, we recognize the difficulties that can arise when any one personality in a group is made to seem more important or valuable in their personal contribution than a fellow companion undertaking the same journey. It is for this reason that for the purposes of CSH, we set aside any broader or personal agendas and remain focused on the mission of sharing a message of deeper healing – and the principles and practices supportive of more sustainable healing we have discovered in our lives and work. In this way, we keep our individual or professional pursuits in their proper place and allow our efforts in the Council to center on what connects us as a community in search of more healing for more of us.

CSH is not responsible for the choices of our community members in relation to these points.  We reserve the right to provide feedback and gentle reminders when necessary when communications among community members deviates significantly from these aspirations.

Q: What happens when members of CSH choose to patronize businesses referred to directly or indirectly on the CSH website? 

Those choosing to patronize any business or organization they are introduced to on the CSH platform do so with the full understanding and acknowledgement that there may be financial benefit received by individuals affiliated with these organizations, who may also be participants in our Community Council Forums. Participation in any outside organization or entity is at the sole discretion of the person choosing to do so and participants agree to hold harmless CSH, it’s Founders, Coordinators and or Members for any financial, physical or emotional liability, risk or injury resulting from participation on our forum or any of the resources presented here. (Please see official disclaimer) 

As there are other question you’d like to see us address here, please send them along to us here: sustainablyheal@gmail.com  Thank you.