HOPE  -An Open Letter from Grandma May-

CSH Community Open Letter
Grandma May (Co-Director CSH/Coordinator Social Media and Community Outreach)

Dear CSH Community,

We’ve tried everything… those we love have too… It seems as if no one is really getting better, for any length of time, and the battle with hopelessness rages on. Too often we hear despair coming from those we love and in our hearts, we feel the pain.

“I think this just might kill me… that’s how awful I feel inside.”
“Sometimes I just think it would be better if I ceased to exist….”
“How can anyone be expected to ‘endure well’ through something like this?”
“I keep trying and nothing helps… I pretend I’m okay, but I’m not.”
“Just when I think I have a handle on this, I slip up again and I’m right back where I started.”
(Me too!)

If any of this sounds familiar, I understand! I’ve been there.

Oh, dear friends, I know how discouraging this all is…and I hope you can feel the love I have in my heart for each of you!

Addiction, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma and disease are the commonplace challenges of our time. No statistics need be repeated since vivid reminders are all around us, the casualties and confusion embodied in the ache within our own families and communities..

Many of our dear ones continue to suffer – and it hurts to witness it… you may know the feeling…I know I do. And yet through the gift of time, experience and years of “detective work” many of the subtle flaws inherent in the current paradigm the world has to offer, in regards to what it takes to reach deeper, more lasting healing, have begun to reveal themselves.

And so I am here to say…. I KNOW that change is coming.

Where once we were told, among other equally discouraging sentiments, that our genetics “determine our destiny” (and so don’t even try to “teach an old dog new tricks”) now there seems to be a different, more hopeful message on the horizon. Epigenetics (the fluid genome), neuroplasticity (the changeable brain), mindfulness, micronutrients, meaningful relationships and more – there really does seem to be new and promising paths to explore… and yet… the question remains – where to start?

Well this is what happened with me. In the midst of the challenges and the day to day struggles, as I just “kept on…. keeping on” gradually something shifted, and rather than trudging the constant tight rope between false hope and true despair, there appeared a more sensible path – a balancing rod of sorts – something strong, hopeful and yes… even Sustainable!

This didn’t happen all at once and the changes were often far from dramatic and yet, as I risked moving out of isolation, determined to take “just one more faltering step” and “do the next right thing” as best I could discern it….before I fully realized the changes taking place, there were more good days than bad.

There were also more interesting healing tools to investigate and valuable ideas to consider. Questions to ask of The Divine. Cheers of confidence from fellow travelers in our collective ability to connect, seek, discover and receive help. There were also new patterns and processes unfolding in our communities and families. More and more wise men and women expressing hope for the future… and slowly but surely I began to believe it was possible… for me too.

As the ever endearing Disney character Burt would say “Winds in the east, mist coming in, Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin. Can’t put me finger on what lies in store. But me thinks what’s to happen all happened before.” And although I am no Mary Poppins and my rainy day umbrella is tattered and worn, I believe in the possibilities! And, like so many of you, I can’t wait to see what magical wonders are yet to emerge from the Great Creators “universal carpet bag!”

And so we are reaching out to you, our CSH family.  We are asking the questions and listening to the answers. We are learning and sharing and hoping and laughing-when endurance seems fleeting. We want to hear your story and share more of ours with you. We are continuing to discover what helps and what hurts and each and every day We are trying to do a little more to strengthen our faith and hope in the fantastic adventures that lie ahead.

And there is something else we know…. We have so much more to learn from you. This is why – at the Council for Sustainable Healing – we are reaching out and joining up. Why we’re laying aside any differences and focusing on what connects us, the ties that bind us and gather us from wherever we are, to a better place. A place of hope, happiness and deeper, more lasting healing.

No matter what your challenges we truly believe there are those among us who have had them too – and as a man of great faith, who has faced his own significant challenges once said, “We need you. The loss of even one voice diminishes every other singer in this great mortal choir.” (Jeffrey Holland)

We believe that there is indeed, for each of us more than meets the eye, a divine design, a pattern and purpose and it is this very belief that motivates us and informs the work we here at CSH are hoping to share with you.

Please join us at the Council for Sustainable Healing and explore what all of this might mean, even for you.

Grandma May

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