The Quaking Aspen Tree  – A Personal Story –

The Quaking Aspen Tree

  – A Personal Story-


CSH Pattern of Progression #2. “We came to believe that greater healing, peace, and happiness was possible for us, with the help of people around us and the assistance of a Power greater than ourselves.”


“As the wind passes through the aspen leaves, they whisper a message of peace; listen within yourself and find comfort in the still, small voice of calm, in the music of the spheres…The aspen teaches the lesson of fearlessness, and gives us the strength to face the unknown.” 

  (Author Unknown)


“My father was a wise and tender man who understood the power of family connection and had a love and reverence for all of God’s Creations.”

(May’s Journal: October 27, 2005) 

Some of my most treasured memories are the ones still clearly visible in the minds eye as a father and his “baby girl” mounted our horses in the valley and rode high up into the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Somehow the brisk morning air and the silence of the mountain made even the unknown future seem more like an adventure. Daddy’s presence was peaceful and his desire to listen, unquestioned. It was in this place where the magic of nature made sharing the hard and fearful longings of a teenage girls heart, just that little bit easier. 

Our  routine went something like this….As the sun set on our small country cabin daddy would climb up into the loft, where he would find me lost in the latest Harlequin Romance Novel, and ask if I wanted to greet the morning with him on the mountain. I would usually mumble something along the lines of, “I don’t know… maybe if I’m not too tired.” (Of course I secretly loved these early morning hours with my daddy…. and my horse Diamond… and still to this day sunrises are my favorite.)

Now my Daddy and my Diamond are both in heaven and yet still guarding the mountain trail, softly rustling the spring breeze and turning brilliant shades of yellow and gold in the fall, are the majestic aspens who bore witness to these cherished twilight journeys-where time slowed and peace filled the hearts of father and daughter. 

At the top of that canyon trail there still stands one carefully chosen quaking aspen tree that solidly holds the engraved reminder of the love of a daughter for her daddy. A Father whose presence yet abides in the precious moments in time where hearts are shared, fears exposed, strength is gained and stories are told in sacred spaces.

Grandma May (Member CSH)

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