Donated funds received by Council members up until 2019 have gone almost exclusively towards the development and expansion of  online and app-based educational interventions with the potential to be accessed anywhere (many of which are now included on this website). As a way to draw additional attention to the many resources available to support those seeking deeper, more lasting healing – and in hopes of reaching as many as we can in the years ahead – there are two specific educational and outreach projects we are seeking funding to begin in 2020:

1. Sustainable Healing Video Series

In partnership with a team of video narrative experts at Stiry, we’re seeking funds to be able to record 15-20 short vignettes of people who have found lasting healing in their lives from depression, anxiety and other significant mental/emotional challenges. Like Fight the New Drug, we aim to leverage high-quality video vignettes as a way to bring awareness to these hopeful possibilities of more lasting healing. Our partners in this video project know as well as any organization how to craft video stories that capture the power and emotion of people’s lived experiences. We’d be thrilled to speak with you if you’d like to learn more about supporting this effort – or if you have a story you’d like to share.

2. Sustainable Healing Podcast

This planned podcast is called “The Year We Found More Healing,” featuring concrete suggestions, themes across successful recovery stories, and a comparison of long-term and short-term results of various approaches (click here to learn more about the podcast).

If you’d be interested in supporting any of these efforts, click here to make a donation, or contact us directly to ask questions or discuss further details here:  sustainablyheal@gmail.com and (1) 385-343-9696

To learn more about how we approach this work, check out our FAQ document here.  For us at CSH the creation of this platform has been both a labor of love and an opportunity to give back to those who have had a tremendous impact on our own healing journeys, and begin paying it forward in our own lives.  We are grateful to receive anything that may be offered from those attracted to this forum who also wish to give and receive in a self-sustaining community environment.