It can be scary when it hurts so much inside – or when your mind feels out of control. We know. We’ve been there!

That’s why we’ve felt so strongly about starting this community and council – so you feel a little less alone.  You’re not crazy for feeling what you feel – and you’re not unusual or weird either. Lots of us are hurting.

But together, we’re also finding more healing.  More and more. And we believe you can too.

That’s why we’ve gathered so many resources – from classes and books to support for specific challenges – and why we provide written encouragement on our blog and audio support in our sustainable healing podcast.

And as a way to help you find more of a refreshing and replenishing atmosphere in your own home, we pay a lot of attention on how to create retreat and sanctuary in your own home.

If you’d like to explore and talk directly about any of these, you’re welcome to join one of our ongoing online community council meetings (click here to see the schedule).

Above all, keep your chin up.  And stay hopeful.  Great things are ahead for you.

Believe it.